Latest Entry: Behind the Scenes of the Over The Horizon 2019

Presenting the behind-the-scenes peek into how Samsung’s new ringtone’s debut video, Over The Horizon 2019 was made and the importance of its message which is the importance of protecting our planet’s oceans so that they can be kept pristine for the next generation.

It showcases Academy Award-winning composer Steven Price, and film director, James Brickell, as well as the Philharmonia Orchestra, setting up to record in the renowned Abbey Road Studios in London.

The video also features nature filmmaker & CEO of Scubazoo, Simon Enderby and 2-time free diving Guinness World Record holder Ai Futaki on location at Sipadan Island.

Over The Horizon 2019 Samsung Music Video

Scubazoo is proud to announce that our production of Samsung’s latest “Over the Horizon 2019” music video has been released on the 14th February 2019.

It has been a labour of love for all of us here at Scubazoo to work with such a global powerhouse as Samsung and to create such a breathtaking and inspirational underwater film has been an incredible honour. Hopefully, this film will go some way in helping to re-focus the world’s attention once more on the world’s oceans, its incredible marine bio-diversity and its need for our protection. (more…)

Bajau Laut – Globo TV Brazil

Scubazoo once again location managed and filmed alongside 2 of Brazils top wildlife film makers – Joao Paulo Krajewski and Roberta Bonaldo as they documented the lives of the 21st century Bajau Laut (Sea Gypsies) off of Sabahs east coast.


BBC – Equator from the Air

Scubazoo handled location management and aerial filming for a segment looking into the use of Thermal Imaging Drones and Orang Utan population studies.


Harbin Beer Commercial

Scubazoo managed all of the underwater film action for this challenging TV commercial which at one point involved 15 talent in full costume and 15 safety divers as well as 3 underwater film crew as they recreated a fully immersed coral reef nightclub scene.


Capturing the dynamics of Ben Proud in action with Gates Deep Weapon

Scubazoo Operations Director and Senior DOP Simon Enderby with British Olympic and Commonwealth Games Butterfly and Freestyle Swim Champion filing for the Airasia Athletes program as a part of the AirAsia’s #DARETODREAM campaign.


Gomantong Caves – Globo TV

Scubazoo Location managed and filmed alongside 2 of Brazils top wildlife film makers – Joao Paulo Krajewski  and Roberta Bonaldo as they delved deep into Sabah infamous, smelly and cockroach infested Gomantong caves filming the cave swift lifecycle and that of the swift next harvesting and mass bat emergence from eh caves at dusk each day.


Ni’Hau – Universal Pictures

Scubazoo managed and carried out all underwater filming in 8K with a Red Epic-W Helium.


Manta Madness in The Maldives

Where It Begins

Scubazoo’s Senior Cameraman, Simon Enderby first visited the Maldives in 2002, starting a long and successful relationship with the Four Seasons and their award winning hotel and spa based on the Island of Kuda Huraa and newly launched 6 Star Live-aboard the Four Seasons Explorer. A short boat ride away from Kuda Huraa, in the North Male Atol, is now the famous dive site called Manta Point. Here in shallow waters divers find one of the busiest Manta cleaning stations around, up to 20 manta can be seen queuing up on and around the cleaning station waiting for their turn to be inspected and pecked over by cleaner wrasse.


Big Pacific

In late 2015, SZ cameramen Simon Enderby and Chris Tan joined local cave diving expert Jerry Reichart, from Sipadan Scuba, to film and document Sipadan’s notorious Turtle Tomb to film, on behalf of New Zealand Natural History, for the new PBS series Big Pacific. Notorious for the fact that Sipadan’s green and hawksbill turtles sometimes venture into the cave to rest only to become disorientated and stranded within and subsequently drown.

With over 60+ recorded turtle skeletons littering the cave floor and rocky shelves with every sweep of the filming lights the crew documented the macabre and mysterious scenes. If you are in the USA please tune in and watch and for those without access to PBS then check out the the Big Pacific webpage above.

Screening schedule:

Mysterious Episode – June 21st at 8pm
Violent Episode – June 28th at 8pm
Voracious Episode – July 5th at 8pm
Passionate Episode 8pm
Behind the scenes Episode – July 19th at 8pm