Predator as prey – WildAid

scubazooPast Productions

Predator as Prey is a shark documentary produced by WildAid in partnership with Taiwanese TV. Scubazoo provided stock footage of sharks for the conservation oriented production which was broadcast in Taiwan, one of the biggest consumers of shark fin soup.

Roboshark – BBC NHU

scubazooPast Productions

Scubazoo spent several weeks at Malapasqua, Philippines, filming behavioural sequences of elusive pelagic thresher sharks for the BBC’s production, Roboshark.

Survivor – Carlton

scubazooPast Productions

Scubazoo filmed all the underwater sequences and events for ITV’s UK Survivor reality show, broadcast in July 2001. Four Scubazoo cameramen filmed for a total of 8 weeks as part of a production crew of 120 on the wild island of Pulau Tiga in the South China Sea.

Saving Paradise – First Freedom Productions

scubazooPast Productions

The remote island of Hoga in Indonesia was the location for a 13 part documentary series called Saving Paradise. Broadcast on the BBC’s digital channel ‘UK Horizons’, this production involved Scubazoo filming the underwater adventures of participants on a scientific project called ‘Operation Wallacea’, based in the remote Tukang Besi Archipelago of Southern Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Trekking In Borneo – Pilot Productions

scubazooPast Productions

Scubazoo filmed the underwater sequences for Trekking in Borneo as part of Discovery’s series, Treks in the Wild. This shoot involved guiding the show’s presenter, Holly Morris, on an underwater journey around the islands of Sipadan and Mabul. Scubazoo’s experience and in-depth knowledge of these islands meant that within just a couple of days, we were able to film Holly … Read More

Ushuaia Nature – Studios 107

scubazooPast Productions

Scubazoo provided underwater footage and assisted the Ushuaia crew in finding particular marine behavioral sequences for this production featuring the natural splendour of Borneo.

Thresher Island


In 2000, SCUBAZOO teamed up with Novista TV & Doug Perrine to produce our own documentary ‘Thresher Island’ about the elusive pelagic thresher shark (Alopias pelagicus).