Deadly 60 Borneo Episode Airs On Thursday 6th August

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Scubazoo’s Simon Enderby and Chris Tan carried out underwater filming and location managed the Borneo shoot for Steve Backshall’s Deadly 60 series earlier this year and now you can witness the fruits of their labours.

In this deadliest of episodes, camouflage, stealth and some serious weaponry are the order of the day as Steve comes face-to-face with a highly venomous scorpion fish and witnesses the formidable spear-mantis impaling its supper with its retractable spear-like arms.

Just when Steve thinks he has seen it all, he finds himself surrounded by a gigantic shoal of barracuda in one of the most awesome animal encounters of the series. The episode was filmed in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo with Scubazoo acting as local fixers and underwater camera operators. UK viewers can tune in to CBBC on Thursday 6th August @ 1715 to watch the show.

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