Wonders of Life – BBC

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Scubazoo filmed world renowned particle physicist Dr Brian Cox in Palau’s jellyfish lake for the BBC’s Science department’s ‘Wonders of Life’ series. Following on from the successful ‘Wonders of the Solar System’ and ‘Wonders of the Universe’ the series will be broadcast in late 2012.

Human Planet: Oceans – Into the Blue


Oceans: Into The Blue explores the extraordinary adaptability and ingenuity that enables humans to survive in the marine environment, combined with the profound effect living by the sea has had on our cultures.

Down and Deadly once more

scubazooNews & PR

Scubazoo Senior underwater cameraman Simon Enderby has just returned from the Southern Philippines after filming with wildlife presenter Steve Backshall for the BBC’s Deadly 60.

BBC Series: Life

scubazooNews & PR

The epic BBC series Life is to air its third episode on Monday 26th October entitled Mammals.