SZtv is now on Ecoflix

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Scubazoo is proud to announce that SZtv is now collaborating with Ecoflix! Ecoflix is the first not-for-profit global streaming platform dedicated to saving animals and the planet. The platform features uplifting, original and informative productions which you can watch on your TV, laptop, tablet and phone, whilst helping our planet and the animals within it. With the launch of Ecoflix, … Read More

World Premiere of The Fruit Hunters in Montreal


On November 10 the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) will present the World Premiere of The Fruit Hunters. A fantastic epicurean quest for the planet’s exotic fruits.

The Sea Gypsies of Sabah


Scubazoo Photographer Christian Loader writes about his experience photographing the Bajau Laut on Sabah’s East Coast.

Passage to Malaysia with Denise Keller


Scubazoo recently completed filming on Passage to Malaysia, a Discovery Travel and Living show hosted by Denise Keller which showcases the best destinations and activities Malaysia has to offer.

Filming and photography trip to Maliau Basin


As part of the production of an educational film about a new Ramsar site on the East coast of Sabah, Scubazoo cameraman Roger Munns and Scubazoo photographer Jason Isley traveled to Maliau Basin – Sabah’s lost world – to film and photograph the environment and wildlife.

Semporna coral seas roadshow


Thousands of primary school children in the Semporna area benefitted from a visit by the unique Semporna Coral Seas Roadshow, learning things they never knew about Sabah’s amazing marine life.