Freddie Flintoff goes wild in Borneo


Former England cricketer and Television personality Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff visits Borneo in search of the rare and elusive pygmy elephant.

The Sea Gypsies of Sabah


Scubazoo Photographer Christian Loader writes about his experience photographing the Bajau Laut on Sabah’s East Coast.

Bear Grylls in Borneo

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Bear Grylls was recently in Borneo to shoot back-to-back episodes of his hit series ‘Man vs Wild’ with Scubazoo providing location management and underwater filming.

Malaysian PM opens Maliau Basin Studies Centre


On Saturday 29th January Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak officially opened the Maliau Basin Studies Centre. Scubazoo produced two videos for the launching ceremony.

Passage to Malaysia with Denise Keller


Scubazoo recently completed filming on Passage to Malaysia, a Discovery Travel and Living show hosted by Denise Keller which showcases the best destinations and activities Malaysia has to offer.

Semporna coral seas roadshow


Thousands of primary school children in the Semporna area benefitted from a visit by the unique Semporna Coral Seas Roadshow, learning things they never knew about Sabah’s amazing marine life.