BBC ‘Wonders Of Life’ with Professor Brian Cox


Senior cameraman Simon Enderby recently returned from Palau where he joined the BBC’s Wonders of Life film crew and presenter, and world renowned particle physicist, Professor Brian Cox.

For this programme Simon joined Brian in Palau’s famous jellyfish lake to document the incredible interaction between the jellyfish and internal symbiotic algae which leads to an amazing migration forth and back across the lake each day. With the jellyfish sequence “in the can” Brian and Simon found they had a little extra time in which explore one of the nearby reefs and film an improvised piece for the show. With many more programs yet to be filmed for the series the Palau show will be hitting screens around the end of 2012. In the meantime Scubazoo looks forward to working again with Brian and the rest of the BBC Wonders team sometime in the near future.