Last Chance To See – Komodo Dragon

Viewers in the UK will have the opportunity to watch the fantastic series “Last Chance to See – A search for animals on the edge of extinction” on Sundays. This week’s episode will focus on the Komodo Dragon.

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Scubazoo’s Simon Enderby was the location manager for the shoot. The series airs on BBC Two, Sundays 8pm.

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“Life in the Wild” released

Scubazoo have contributed photos for a new Dorling Kindersley publication called ‘Life in the wild’.  A glorious celebration of animal life and the art of wildlife photography.

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From the exquisite fragility of a butterfly to the might and majesty of a humpback whale, explore the extraordinary diversity of life in the wild in this lavishly illustrated photographic portrait of the animal kingdom.

Life in the Wild gives a fascinating insight into both animal diversity and wildlife photography. Packed with awe-inspiring images taken by some of the world’s top wildlife photographers, Life in the Wild presents hundreds of fascinating species pictured in their natural environments.

Each image glows with colour and depicts every detail of texture, from the scales of a butterfly’s wing to the cracks in the hide of a rhinoceros, drawing you in to the animal’s world in a way that no description, explanation, or diagram can. With chapters on mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and invertebrates this is an all-encompassing guide to the wonders of the natural world.

Life in the Wild features the work of Thomas Marent who has devoted his life to capturing the beauty of the natural world, and the acclaimed team of dynamic underwater cameramen, Scubazoo, who have filmed for the BBC, National Geographic and Animal Planet.

Click here to order Life in the Wild now.

You can also download a free screensaver that will have its image changed every month. Click here to download (only for PC computers though).

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Deadly 60 Book released

If you enjoy the BBC’s Deadly sixty you can now buy a copy of the book from Amazon. Worth it if only for the fact that Scubazoo’s Simon Enderby manages to get on the front cover! Click on the link to take a peak inside…

Dropping Into The Gomantong Caves

In March of 2009 Scubazoo welcomed the UK presenter Steve Backshall and his BBC Deadly 60 Team to Sabah to film 2 programs for the globe trotting series.

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For series producer James Brickell it was his first time to this beautiful and biodiverse East Malaysian state and it wasnt long before he was having the experience of a lifetime. Read up on his personal account of filming within one of Sabah’s famous guano filled caves and coming into close contact with millions of cockroaches and poisonous centipedes. Scubazoo were location managers for the shoot which also visited Pulau Mabul.

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Monty Halls on Sharks & Lions

Monty Halls shares his many exciting and humorous adventures with Sharks & Lions in South Africa along with official expedition cameraman Simon Enderby.

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Monty reminds Sport Diver readers that Simon continually urges him to jump into the water with big scary things to see what will happen! Click here to download the article in PDF format or visit the magazine website here.

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‘reef’ Paperback Edition

Scubazoo are proud to announce the US release of our hardcover coffee table book ‘reef’ in a new smaller paperback format.  Published by Dorling Kinderlesy it’s easier on your pocket at a low price of $24.95 and is available to buy online and at all good bookstores Stateside. The original hardcover version is still available worldwide and comes with a free DVD. Click here to buy online.

ABC Catalyst – Borneo Live Reef Fish Trade

Take a look at ABC’s report on the Southe East Asian Live Reef Fish Trade. Scubazoo underwater cameraman Simon Enderby filmed on this 2008 production which was broadcast in Australia. Stock footage was provided by scubazooimages.comClick here to watch the show.

Brunei Rapid Marine Bio-Diversity Survey

Simon Enderby, Chris Tan and Seok Au Yong recently returned to Brunei to complete filming and photography for the rapid marine bio-diversity survey commissioned by the Brunei Department of Fisheries.

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The survey involved some of the worlds best known marine biologists, namely Dr Gerry Allen, Dr Mark Erdman, Dr Lyndon Devantier, Emre Turek and Markus Ruf, all experts in their specific marine fields.

Over the course of the three weeks the survey team explored and documented a further 16 dive sites cataloguing a total of 513 fish species, 478 coral species and 475 species of mollusks with several new species added to science. Two books on Brunei’s coral reef life will soon be forthcoming – “Coral Reef Fishes of Brunei” by Dr Gerry Allen and “Coral Reefs of Brunei – an introduction” by Dr Lyndon Devantier and Emre Turek with underwater photography by Scubazoo.

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August Edition Of Splash Is Out

The August edition of ‘Splash’ is out now….. This month Scubazoo’s Simon Enderby provides a resort report from Seaventures Dive Resort featuring the incredible diving around Sipadan. Click here to watch it on now.

Deadly 60 Borneo Episode Airs On Thursday 6th August

Scubazoo’s Simon Enderby and Chris Tan carried out underwater filming and location managed the Borneo shoot for Steve Backshall’s Deadly 60 series earlier this year and now you can witness the fruits of their labours.

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In this deadliest of episodes, camouflage, stealth and some serious weaponry are the order of the day as Steve comes face-to-face with a highly venomous scorpion fish and witnesses the formidable spear-mantis impaling its supper with its retractable spear-like arms.

Just when Steve thinks he has seen it all, he finds himself surrounded by a gigantic shoal of barracuda in one of the most awesome animal encounters of the series. The episode was filmed in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo with Scubazoo acting as local fixers and underwater camera operators. UK viewers can tune in to CBBC on Thursday 6th August @ 1715 to watch the show.

Click here for further programme information.

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