One Ocean

Scubazoo has provided stock footage for the highly anticipated CBC documentary: One Ocean. Narrated and hosted by David Suzuki, this ambitious, provocative, and stunning four part documentary series attempts to portray the Ocean more completely than ever before.

One Ocean is currently airing in Canada, click here for screening dates and online trailers.

‘Today Show’ Interview

Borneo-based Scubazoo underwater cameraman Roger Munns and ‘LIFE’ Series Executive Producer Mike Gunton were interviewed on NBC’s ‘Today show’ recently. Watch the interview online. The first episode in the blockbuster 11 part series is being aired on the Discovery Channel in the US on Sunday 21st March. Watch out for the mammals episode on Sunday 28th March which features the humpback heat run sequence filmed by Scubazoo.

Down and Deadly once more

Scubazoo Senior underwater cameraman Simon Enderby has just returned from the Southern Philippines after filming sequences with wildlife presenter Steve Backshall for the highly anticipated second series of the BBC’s Deadly60.


National Geographic Netherlands 2010 Calendar

National Geographic Netherlands has released their 2010 Calendar. The Calendar exclusively features images from Scubazoo’s book reef or Het Levende rif as it’s known in Holland. It’s available from the National Geographic bookstore at a very reasonable price of €3.95. Even if you’re not Dutch it’s still worth a look – photos are the same in any language!

Oceans 12

Bite-Back 2010 fundraising calendar released. UK based shark and marine conservation charity ‘Bite-Back’ have just released their 2010 fundraising calendar.


Maldives, The Underwater Kingdom

We have recently started a new, and very exciting, project to publish our third coffee table book. This time we’re focussing on the marine life of the Maldives.


Andrea: Queen Of Mantas

Scubazoo are proud to be involved in the production of ANDREA: QUEEN OF MANTAS (8pm, Wednesday 11 November, NATURAL WORLD, BBC2).


BBC Series: Life

The epic BBC series Life is to air its third episode on Monday 26th October entitled Mammals. Scubazoo underwater camerman Roger Munns filmed the spectacle of the planet’s biggest fight, as male Humpback Whales battle for a female during the Tongan Heat Run.


Last Chance To See – Komodo Dragon

Viewers in the UK will have the opportunity to watch the fantastic series “Last Chance to See – A search for animals on the edge of extinction” on Sundays. This week’s episode will focus on the Komodo Dragon.


“Life in the Wild” released

Scubazoo have contributed photos for a new Dorling Kindersley publication called ‘Life in the wild’.  A glorious celebration of animal life and the art of wildlife photography.