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“With over two decades of unparalleled expertise, Scubazoo is the leading authority in Borneo for TV and film production management. Endorsed by the Malaysian Government with a prestigious FINAS license, we are the trusted choice for international production companies.

Specializing in natural history productions and survival reality, our impressive credits include Blue Planet 2, Human Planet, Conquest of The Skies, Naked & Afraid, Bear Grylls Man v Wild, Top Gear, and many more. Recent clientele include BBC NHU, Wildstar, Plimsoll and Humblebee.

Explore our extensive portfolio or connect with us to discuss your location filming needs in the heart of Borneo.


We are recognised by production companies around the world as the go-to provider of fixing and first class underwater filming services in South East Asia.

underwater filming

Looking for professional underwater filming services? We provide top-notch equipment and experienced professionals to capture stunning footage below the surface.


Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in the visa application process and can assist you in obtaining the necessary documents and completing the required forms.


We provide pre-production assistance including location surveys and recces.


We assist in filming permit application, script approval (where necessary), immigration, work permits, and customs clearance.


We have an extensive inventory of TV production equipment located in Malaysia for hire. We cater for both topside and underwater filming. Renting video camera equipment from Scubazoo can save your production significant amounts of money by reducing excess baggage charges and freight costs to Sabah or elsewhere in Malaysia.


We have a spacious and well-equipped office available for rent. The office space itself is designed to provide a comfortable and productive work environment. It features ample natural light, ergonomic furniture, and soundproof walls to ensure privacy and minimize distractions.

Are you looking to carry out Filming in and around Malaysia or even across SE Asia? Borneo is the third largest island in the world and home to some of the last pristine wildernesses on our planet. Situated in South East Asia, the heart of biodiversity, it can lay claim to hosting some of the worlds rarest animals and most beautiful environments. Primary Dipterocarp rainforest, Granite peaks, dramatic cave systems, and fish-smothered coral reefs can all be found here. Borneo’s cultural heritage is no less impressive. Indigenous cultures such as the Dayaks, Penan and Rungus still live in harmony with their natural environment while nomadic Bajau sea gypsies remain itinerant hunter-gatherers to this day. Borneo is also at the sharp edge of the sword when it comes to conservation issues as modern needs and expansion clash with traditional values and lifestyles. Broadcast production opportunities in Borneo are almost limitless.

Scubazoo can assist with the following and more:

  • Filming permit application, script approval (where necessary), immigration, work permits, and customs clearance.
  • Pre-production assistance including location surveys and recces.
  • Providing production crew, camera crew, expedition leaders, medics, riggers, drivers, etc.
  • Logistics, including booking accommodation & arranging transfers.
  • Vehicle hire.
  • Aerial surveys, filming, and photography.
  • Access to incentives for international co-productions filming on location in Malaysia

With over 20 years of experience, and with our headquarters being actually located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo, Scubazoo are the most experienced TV and film production management company in Borneo. We are one of the few local companies approved by the Malaysian Government with a FINAS license. This means Scubazoo are entrusted to sponsor international production companies wanting to make TV programs and films in Malaysia. Over the years we’ve handled logistics and filming permit applications in Sabah for over 70 international programmes. We specialise in factual productions, such as natural history and anthropological documentaries, but our scope of work has included reality shows, adverts, and features. We’ve handled shoots for companies such as BBC, Disney, Endemol, ITV2, Tigress, RDF, and ABC, for productions broadcast on BBC, Animal Planet, Discovery and more. Take a look at Scubazoo’s production management portfolio or contact us for more information on our location filming services.

We’re experts at finding interesting and dynamic stories to fit your brief and you’ll be amazed at what we can get your presenter up close and personal with. For more information please contact us.

Film Permissions

Scubazoo has an experienced production management team in place ready to assist, advise and handle all of your film application needs not only here in Malaysia but all across the region.

Logistics and Ground Handling

The Scubazoo Team is here handle all of your necessary pre-planning and the running of your shoot making them as painless as possible from the time you step off the plane to the time you get back on. Our team allows you to focus on what matters – maximising the time your camera team has their finger on the record button.