Sons of the Sea documentary shoot


Scubazoo underwater cameramen Simon Enderby and Roger Munns have just completed filming on Sons of the Sea, a documentary production by Serious Pictures – one of the UK’s leading production companies. The one hour documentary is part of a series of programmes which have been commissioned for Qatar National day 2010, and will be broadcast on the stand-alone National Day TV channel Al Doha. Directed by Michael Lynch, Sons of the Sea took 6 modern twenty-something Qatari’s on a watery adventure to re-discover their roots. Activities included learning to sail an antique Dhow, diving for pearls using traditional methods, and SCUBA diving on the reefs, rigs and wrecks of Qatar.

For Simon and Roger it was the first underwater shoot using Scubazoo’s two new underwater housing set-ups. The combination of the Sony PMW-EX1R, Gates housing and Fathom SWP44C super wide angle port was complemented by convergent nanoflash recorders which enabled the cameras to record to Compactflash cards at a bit-rate of over 140MB/s (higher than HDCAM). That combination of great optics and low compression rates gave some stunning image results.

Scubazoo worked closely with Richard Bull and John Chambers who handled diving safety and geared up the six heroes in full face masks with comms, in order to capture the excitement of the exploratory dives under oil platforms and on the M.O. wreck, where the divers removed entangled fishing nets from the boat.

Sons of the Sea was broadcast on Qatar National Day, 18 December 2010.

Scubazoo underwater cinematographers have dived and filmed on several productions in Qatar. Contact us for rates.