Brunei Rapid Marine Bio-Diversity Survey

scubazooNews & PR

Simon Enderby, Chris Tan and Seok Au Yong recently returned to Brunei to complete filming and photography for the rapid marine bio-diversity survey commissioned by the Brunei Department of Fisheries.

The survey involved some of the worlds best known marine biologists, namely Dr Gerry Allen, Dr Mark Erdman, Dr Lyndon Devantier, Emre Turek and Markus Ruf, all experts in their specific marine fields.

Over the course of the three weeks the survey team explored and documented a further 16 dive sites cataloguing a total of 513 fish species, 478 coral species and 475 species of mollusks with several new species added to science. Two books on Brunei’s coral reef life will soon be forthcoming – “Coral Reef Fishes of Brunei” by Dr Gerry Allen and “Coral Reefs of Brunei – an introduction” by Dr Lyndon Devantier and Emre Turek with underwater photography by Scubazoo.