Turtle Excluder Device (TED) video


In 2009 the Marine Research Foundation, in conjunction with Conservation International – Philippines , asked Scubazoo to film footage of their demonstration of the use of a TED.

Sons of the Sea documentary shoot


Scubazoo underwater cameramen Simon Enderby and Roger Munns both worked on Sons of the Sea, a documentary production by Serious Pictures.

Sons of the Sea – Serious Pictures

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‘Sons of the Sea’ is a documentary celebrating the traditional way of life for Qatari fishermen and pearl divers. Scubazoo underwater cameramen were a key part of the crew and filmed several dramatic and challenging sequences including traditional pearl fishing, man overboard situations and wreck exploration using modern SCUBA equipment with full underwater communications. Produced by award winning UK company … Read More

Desert Diving – underwater filming in Qatar


During a March 2010 shoot for the Rock Wallaby production company, Scubazoo Cameraman Simon Enderby had the honour of becoming one of the first underwater cameramen to film in the waters off the oil-rich emirate, Qatar.

Down and Deadly once more

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Scubazoo Senior underwater cameraman Simon Enderby has just returned from the Southern Philippines after filming with wildlife presenter Steve Backshall for the BBC’s Deadly 60.

Qatar National Day Filming – Rock Wallaby Productions

scubazooPast Productions

Scubazoo were hired by Rock Wallaby Productions to film underwater in the relatively unexplored waters off Qatar. Footage from the underwater shoot is to be used in several short films destined to be shown during the Qatar National Day celebrations. Read more about the shoot here

Deadly 60 – BBC NHU

scubazooPast Productions

Steve Backshall gets up close and personal with the worlds most deadly creatures in the second series of this successful BBC NHU strand. Scubazoo helped reseearch deadly marine creatures and filmed underwater sequences of Steve with thresher sharks and highly poisonous sea snakes.

Greenpeace Pacific tuna campaign


In late 2009 Scubazoo cameraman Chris Tan joined the crew of the Greenpeace boat ‘Esperanza’ to film Tuna fishing boats, find out more about his trip here…

Pacific Tuna Campaign – Greenpeace

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The Greenpeace boat Esperanza was tasked with finding and confronting tuna fishing boats in the Pacific, crossing the ocean from Fiji to Ecuador, in order to highlight the plight of vulnerable fish species such as black marlin and to draw attention to the wasteful method of fishing known as purse-seining. Scubazoo were contracted to film topside and underwater footage to … Read More

Monster Fish – In Focus Asia

scubazooPast Productions

Presenter and National Geographic MegaFish Project principal investigator Zeb Hogan travels across six continents in search of the worlds biggest and most dangerous freshwater fish in order to document and protect them for the first time. Scubazoo filmed underwater sequences in Thailand and Singapore, notably featuring a huge freshwater stingray.