Splash Into February

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‘Splash’ the underwaterchannel.tv’s monthly magazine programme is out now….. This month Simon revisits Selingan island, off Sabah’s East coast, to take a look at nesting green turtles, while Roger is in Tonga to film humpback whales in the blue waters of Vava’u.

Filming the humpback heat run


Scubazoo filmed the biggest fight in nature, the humpback ‘heat run’ for ‘LIFE’ a BBC/Discovery co-production. Read all about the shoot here.

Kima Bajo Resort, Manado – Promotional DVD


In 2008 Scubazoo cameramen Roger Munns and Chris Tan spent eight days at Kima Bajo shooting the property for a promotional video. Read about the shoot and watch the video here.

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi B-Roll shoot


In November 2007 Scubazoo Cameraman Roger Munns and Editor/Cameraman Jonni Isaacs spent 10 days at the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi, Malaysia shooting B-Roll footage for the five star hotel

Kungkungan Bay Resort (KBR) Promotional Video


In 2007 Scubazoo were contracted to produce a promotional DVD which would justify the Lembeh hype and also showcase the beautiful Minahasan-style Kungkungan Bay Resort.

Dorling Kindersley – Go Surf


Following the successful production of Go Scuba Dive Scubazoo’s production team were again contracted by leading reference publisher Dorling Kindersley to produce another Go series.