‘Investigating Space And Perception’ – Matthew Ngui


Jason Isley and Roger Munns recently completed a shoot with internationally reknowned artist Matthew Ngui and Singapore based producer Jon Moore. This shoot was way out of the Scubazoo ordinary, involving no fish or underwater presenters and presented a significant technical challenge to the cameramen.

Continuing his investigation of space and perception, Ngui’s drawings, installations, video works and performances fragment or transform images, objects and experiences from everyday life, calling attention to their cultural value as they move between contexts.

The concept for his latest work involved Matthew swimming back and forth across a 15m wide swimming pool, tumble turning at each end until he had covered around 500m. To show this on a large scale Jon and Matt wanted to project this from four individual digital projectors with Matthew swimming seamlessly from one projected image to the next. This required four underwater Cameras to film the swim, each locked off on tripods at exactly the same height and angle.

The shoot was a resounding success and was a great experience for the Scubazoo team, Matthew and Jon. We would like to thank Marina Court condominiums for their kind cooperation in providing the swimming pool for the shoot.

You can see a short video walk-through of Matthew Ngui’s exhibition at the John Curtin Gallery here (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Please download the attached press release for more information on where you can catch Matthew’s installation.