Stock Footage – Oceanic whitetip filming expedition

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Scubazoo underwater cameraman Simon Enderby spent a few days in Hawaii recently in order to get some stock HD footage of one of the most beautiful sharks in our oceans, the Oceanic whitetip (Carcharhinus longimanus). A few Hawaiian spinner dolphins (Stenella longirostris) also turned up to enjoy the party.

Oceanic whitetips are a very curious shark and will often approach divers and snorkelers in the water. They can grow to just under four metres in length and weigh up to 160kgs. Named for the white colouration on the tips of their distinctive paddle-like fins, the deaths of many navy servicemen in the second world war are attributed to these opportunistic scavengers who are said to have picked off many survivors of ships sunk during the war.

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Footage was filmed on Sony PMW-EX1R inside a Gates housing