Pelagian Rebreather Diving with Evolution Dive Resort


In June Scubazoo Senior cameramen Jason Isley & Simon Enderby traveled to Malapascua, Philippines where they joined up with Tech Instructor Matt Reed of  Evolution Dive Resort to carry out their Pelagian Rebreather course. Although Simon and Jason found it quite hard to go ‘back to school’ they were soon in the water relishing the extended bottom times and quiet atmosphere of closed circuit diving.

Once the course was completed Jason and Simon took the opportunity to dive the Monad Shoal and test their ability to get up-close-and-personal with the elusive and shy thresher shark. The quality and longevity of their interactions with the sharks and mobula rays was testament to the beauty of diving with a Pelagian DCCCR and resulted in some great photos and video.

A massive thank you to Matt Reed and David Joyce as well as all the staff at Evolution Dive Resort for the excellent tuition and warm hospitality. 

Update: In June 2014 Scubazoo Cameraman Roger Munns completed his Pelagian Air Diluent CCR qualification with Matt.

To find out more about the Pelagian DCCCR visit the Pelagian website. It has details on prices, courses and useful downloads.