Scubazoo joins the Planet Water team

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Scubazoo, as part of the Planet Water team is embarking on a 3-part TV series which will document water’s cycles, the myriad of creatures that live in it and the battles being fought for its future, all in stunning High Definition.

The series will be informative and entertaining – part celebration of the beauty of what can be seen beneath the surface and part call-to-arms, that unless we stop the plundering of the seas, our own future could be in doubt.

Using specially shot presenter-led sequences and exclusive HD footage from the BBC’s Natural History Unit and Scubazoo’s own stock footage library, this series will include astonishing clips and “never seen before” footage from award winning series such as Planet Earth and Blue Planet, showing the entire water story in 3 x 1hr Prime Time episodes – one programme on the science and story of water, one of its incredible wildlife and one on Man’s relationship with water.