Inside Nature’s Giants – Borneo Rainforest Special

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During August Scubazoo’s location management team, led by Scubazoo Operations Director Simon Enderby, set up and managed logistics for the production of Inside Nature’s Giants – Borneo Rainforest Special. The one-off special was filmed in Sabah, East Malaysia by Windfall Films – a leading UK production house with an international reputation as a producer of innovative, award-winning television. The BAFTA award winning Inside Nature’s Giants series follows the investigations of lead presenter Mark Evans as he looks into the deaths and anatomy of the worlds largest creatures, with assistance from experts such as comparitive anatomist Professor Joy Reidenberg and biologist Simon Watt.

In this latest special the ING team investigate what makes a tropical rainforest work, and take an inside-out look at the inhabitants of this towering, leafy ecosystem. Based in their jungle camp for over two weeks they even scale some of the world’s tallest trees, to uncover some of the planet’s tiniest creatures, and bring their secrets to light on a massive scale. Watch out for Inside Nature’s Giants Borneo Rainforest Special when it airs on the UK’s Channel 4 in late 2011.