2011 Bite-Back Calendar available to buy


Twelve of the world’s most remarkable, award-winning, underwater photographers have joined forces in a unique collaboration and created a limited edition 2011 calendar to raise funds for the UK shark and marine conservation charity, Bite-Back.  The high quality, A4 calendar is priced at just £7.99 (+p&p) and available online – click here to buy!

Month by month, legendary photographers including David Doubilet, Jeff Rotman, Doug Perrine, Alex Mustard and Brian Skerry (plus Jason Isley and Roger Munns from Scubazoo!) have combined breathtaking images with thought-provoking commentary on the status of the oceans to make this exclusive calendar a ‘must have’ for anyone interested in the marine environment.

Underwater images from around the world, including sharks, swordfish, humpback whales, grey seals, rays and manatees showcase the true beauty beneath the waves, while first-hand insights from each photographer on the demise of the oceans highlight key issues challenging the marine environment.

Campaign director at Bite-Back, Graham Buckingham, said: “This is an extraordinary collection of images from an extraordinary group of individuals. We’re proud to have their support for our pioneering campaigns and grateful for the opportunity to share their profound observations and wisdom.”

In a perfect endorsement of Bite-Back’s work, the explorer and presenter of Great Ocean Adventures, Monty Halls, said:

“Bite-Back is at the very forefront of shark conservation. It is tireless, resourceful and genuinely effective at addressing marine conservation issues and presenting intelligent solutions.  By purchasing this calendar you’ll be advancing its work and supporting its ambitions to end the trade and consumption of shark products and other threatened marine life.”

Head to the Bite-Back shop for more information, campaign updates and other Christmas gift ideas.