Halmahera photography expedition


Scubazoo underwater photographer Adam Broadbent recently returned from an expedition to dive the reasonably unchartered waters of Halmahera in Eastern Indonesia.

Located between the diving meccas of Manado and Raja Ampat, Halmahera has the potential to be yet another amazing Indonesian scuba diving destination but, as yet, it is relatively unexplored. To improve their knowledge of the marine life in the area, the local tourism board invited an international team of experienced divers, researchers, videographers and photographers on a two week exploratory dive trip in the area.  As a part of that team Adam’s aim was to document the underwater world, as well as the dramatic scenery and cheery locals. The expedition had mixed fortunes, some of the reefs weren’t in great condition in many places, which was assumed to be the result of fishing bombing, but nevertheless there were some spectacular critter encounters. Take a look at some of Adam’s photos below – mouse over the thumbnails for a larger image.

Preview and license stock photos from Halmahera, Indonesia
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