ITV – The parent trip

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Brand new to ITV2, The Parent Trip follows three celebrities as they each journey into the unknown with the people who know them best – their mums and dads. Scubazoo acted as local fixers and location managers for the Borneo episode, which features British actor Will Mellor, and his father Bill.

Will and Bill travel to Borneo to meet the challenge of living with the Murut tribal people and to see if they can cope with their traditional, demanding way of life. A huge animal lover, Will visits orangutans at a nature reserve. There he fulfils one of his life long dreams when he is allowed to handle and help care for the endangered species. As one of only four places in the world where indigenous orangutans are found, the species is an important part of Borneo’s heritage.

Then, travelling through mountains and jungle, the Mellors arrive at the Murut settlement. Being a more sensitive type, Will finds the Murut lifestyle harder to acclimatise to than his father who is more of a man’s man. They embark on a hunting excursion, tracking wild boar with the aid of dogs, machetes, spears and blow pipes.

Will and Bill also brush up on their survival skills, taking on the responsibility of fishing for the group’s dinner, and building shelters to sleep in by night. The programme aired on ITV2 at 2100, on Thursday 15th April. If you missed the episode you can watch Will and Bill enjoying some murut cuisine below!

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