Sabah Filming Permit Application


One of Scubazoo’s primary roles is assisting foreign film companies with filming permit applications in Sabah, Malaysia. Applying for filming permits in Sabah can be a daunting process for many companies and in fact a local FINAS registered company, such as Scubazoo, must act as a sponsor for any foreign TV or film production in Malaysia. Since 1996 Scubazoo have managed shoots and handled permit applications for over 50 productions and have worked with some of the best in the business including presenters such as Sir David Attenborough, Jeff Corwin, Gordon Ramsay, and Monty Halls for production companies including the BBC NHU, Tigress, RDF, Endomol and many more.

Please contact us for more information on applying for a filming permit in Sabah.

For more information on TV production in Sabah, Malaysia please visit our location management page