Last Chance To See


March saw the arrival of British celebrity Stephen Fry and famous naturalist and photographer Mark Carwardine to Borneo, accompanied by a BBC film crew.

Back in 1990 Mark and fellow author Douglas Adams made a globe trotting journey and wrote a book entitled “Last Chance to See”, of their search for the worlds most endangered species. In 2009 Mark and Stephen are re-tracing the route to find out how those very same endangered creatures have fared over the past 20 years.

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Scubazoo production managed the entire shoot in Sabah with Simon Enderby acting as location manager and underwater cameraman. Mark and Stephen were brought face to face with monitor lizards, sea snakes, sea turtles, sharks, pristine coral reefs, seahorses, proboscis monkeys, orang utans, and even the shy pangolin. It was a highly successful shoot with some of Sabah’s most amazing wildlife, and it was a very happy crew that flew on down to Indonesia to meet the star of their show, the Komodo dragon.

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Scubazoo’s involvement didn’t end there though as Simon journeyed with the crew to continue with the underwater filming of mangroves, coral reefs and the amazing and rarely seen swimming Komodo dragon. Last Chance to See will be screened later this year on the BBC, followed by worldwide release in 2010 – it’s sure to be a blockbuster show so keep an eye out for it.