Great Ocean Adventures with Monty Halls


In 2005 Scubazoo joined forces with RDF Television to co-produce two seasons of the popular series Great Ocean Adventures. Adventurer and explorer Monty Halls presented the show and was joined by a small crew including (at various times during the course of the two series) underwater cameramen Jason Isley, Simon Enderby and Roger Munns. Each series meant a full circumnavigation of the globe in search of target species such as Manta rays, Manatees, Great white sharks, Tiger sharks, Ocean sunfish, Humpback whales, Thresher sharks, Beluga whales and many many more.  Underwater filming took place in South Africa, Florida, Palau, Galapagos, New Zealand, Belize, the Philippines, Tonga, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Norway and the UK. See below for a full episode list.

Great Ocean Adventures Season 1

Episode 1 – The Abyssal Giant
Episode 2 – Galapagos Dinosaur
Episode 3 – Deep Sea Hawk
Episode 4 – The Mayan Shark
Episode 5 – The Bronze Whaler
Episode 6 – The Real Jaws
Episode 7 – The Tropical Giant
Episode 8 – The Prehistoric Sea Cow
Episode 9 – The Tiger Shark

Great Ocean Adventures Season 2

Episode 1 – The Red Devil Squid
Episode 2 – The Great British Sea Monster
Episode 3 – The Humpback Whale
Episode 4 – The Giant Sunfish
Episode 5 – The Killer Whale
Episode 6 – The White Whale
Episode 7 – The Thresher Shark
Episode 8 – The Spinner Dolphin
Episode 9 – The Tiger Shark

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