Production Management – Max’s Big Tracks


In March 2008 Scubazoo were employed as production managers for Electric Sky Productions’ Max’s Big Tracks which follows professional tracker Ian “Max ” Maxwell around the world as he tracks down some of the worlds most endangered animals. Scubazoo director and senior cameraman Simon Enderby joined Max and the film crew as location manager and second cameraman as they plunged into the Borneo Rainforest with Non Governmental Organisation SOS Rhino to track and attempt to film the incredibly rare and endangered Sumatran Rhino.

Led by chief scientist Dr Thaya, the camera crew and rangers trekked deep into the Sabah jungle exploring vast areas of likely rhino habitat. Constantly flicking and picking off blood sucking leeches and battling the daily rainforest downpours the team trudged through mud, rivers and streams, up steep ridge lines and down vertical waterfalls. Exhausted at the end of the day the team would sleep in their makeshift accommodation, consisting of plastic sheets and hammocks. Daily sightings of both large and small rainforest animals, birds and numerous insects kept the cameras whirring and the deployment of camera traps along likely animal tracks and wallows ensured the team captured some truly amazing images.

Over the past 6 months Scubazoo has been working very closely with SOS Rhino Borneo which carries out groundbreaking and essential fieldwork and conservation initiatives here in Sabah as it tries to save the last 30 remaining Sabah-based Sumatran Rhino from extinction. With only 300 individuals estimated to be left in the wild, the Sumatran Rhino is facing extinction because many of the remaining populations are so fractured and separated that they no longer represent viable breeding populations. Click here to find out how you can help.