Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai – Corporate video production


Mumbai was the unlikely destination for Scubazoo Cameramen Simon Enderby and Sri Southall in early 2008. Scubazoo had been contracted to film and produce several corporate films for Four Seasons Mumbai. The 10 day shoot was intense and Simon and Sri had their hands full filming the 400 strong staff to create some punchy and fun in-house films.

At Scubazoo we are always looking to build our stock footage and photo library. Conservation footage is especially important to us and often environmental impacts and extreme poverty go hand in hand.

Mumbai is a densely populated city of extremes with abject poverty and spectacular wealth existing sometimes side by side. Over several days Simon & Sri explored the city in an effort to capture its real life characters and daily activities.

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Subjects included pavement poultry slaughter shops, rat infested slums and streets strewn with rubbish and excrement. These often gruesome yet photogenic and colour saturated images were contrasted with grandiose and beautiful colonial buildings such as the Victoria train station, the bustling central cricket park plus the Crawford and “Thieves” Markets which sold everything and anything.

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