Kinabalu International School- ‘Say No To Plastic’ Campaign


June 25th saw the launch of the KIS “Say No to Plastic” Campaign during the school’s annual environmental week. KIS has organised and produced, with the help and financial support of several KK based companies, hundreds of cloth shopping bags to be sold to parents and supermarket shoppers around KK in order to reduce the number of plastic bags given out whilst shopping.

KIS aims to reduce the number of plastic bags making their way indiscriminately into the community and subsequently into the environment when discarded. KIS have chosen the sea turtle as their campaign ambassador as vast numbers of plastics end up in the seas and oceans of the world, where through confusion with their natural prey – jellyfish – many sea turtle species mistakenly ingest them, ending in choking and starvation.

Scubazoo Images is one of those KK based companies that feels as strongly as KIS about the unnecessary profusion of plastics within Malaysia and especially Sabah and are actively supporting and helping KIS in their campaign.

On Thursday 28th of June, Simon Enderby, visited the school to participate once again in the school’s Environment Week. By engaging the children with dramatic and informative short films about sea turtles and other key marine species, as well as highlighting the threats they face, Simon was able to share with the children his passion and dedication to the protection of the marine world. The children in turn showed an incredible interest and ability to absorb crucial information and were able to visualise why their ‘Say No to Plastic” campaign was so important to Sabah and Malaysia as a whole.

Scubazoo Images are now actively supporting the expansion of the campaign to aid in the production of thousands of these cloth shopping bags so that they are available to every one of Sabah’s shoppers with the aim of drastically reducing the numbers of plastics wantonly discarded in the surrounding environment and seas.

For more information, please contact Simon Enderby, Kinabalu International School or visit KIS website here.