Shark Fishing Industry In Taiwan


Whilst in Taiwan, Roger travelled to the north of the country to visit a fishing village notorious for landing sharks in huge numbers. At the ‘big fish’ market, around 20 sharks were brought in as Roger was filming, including mako’s , hammerheads and threshers.

These were sold and finned on the spot for both export and local consumption in shark fin soup.

The extent of the shark finning industry is of great concern to Scubazoo, as well as to scientists, photographers and divers everywhere. Across the globe shark populations are being fished at unsustainable rates – local extinctions are happening NOW and global extinctions are being predicted for many shark species in the immediate future. By illustrating the extent of this and other problems, using both film and photography, we hope to tell the ‘whole story’ of the marine ecosytem and help these beautiful animals to survive.

The footage taken by Roger will be added to Scubazoo’s growing library of environmental subjects, and will be used in our own productions as well as made available to NGOs and conservations organisations.