Trekking In Borneo – Pilot Productions

scubazooPast Productions

Scubazoo filmed the underwater sequences for Trekking in Borneo as part of Discovery’s series, Treks in the Wild. This shoot involved guiding the show’s presenter, Holly Morris, on an underwater journey around the islands of Sipadan and Mabul. Scubazoo’s experience and in-depth knowledge of these islands meant that within just a couple of days, we were able to film Holly … Read More

Ushuaia Nature – Studios 107

scubazooPast Productions

Scubazoo provided underwater footage and assisted the Ushuaia crew in finding particular marine behavioral sequences for this production featuring the natural splendour of Borneo.

Thresher Island


In 2000, SCUBAZOO teamed up with Novista TV & Doug Perrine to produce our own documentary ‘Thresher Island’ about the elusive pelagic thresher shark (Alopias pelagicus).

Priceless Cargo – BBC Worldwide

scubazooPast Productions

SCUBAZOO’s cameramen spent a total of 5 months documenting a wreck exploration project in the Philippines for an episode in the 13 part series Journey’s to the Bottom of the Sea.

24 Hrs Under A Rainbow Sea – National Geographic

scubazooPast Productions

This documentary covered the world’s first 24hr underwater shoot on Maaya Thila reef in South Ari Atoll, Maldives. Scubazoo provided two of the leading cameramen on the team, documenting the 24hr cycle of life on this amazing reef ecosystem – one of the most vibrant and spectacular coral reefs left in the world.

Best of Malaysia Showcase – NTV7

scubazooPast Productions

Scubazoo filmed underwater sequences of Malaysian celebrities Hans Isaac and Kavita Koh as they travelled around Malaysia’s most interesting destinations and learnt to dive on Sipadan.