Maldives – The Underwater Kingdom


The Maldives is home to one of the world’s most beautiful marine environments. The country’s waters are blessed with abundant life, including sharks, dolphins, turtles and whales. The Maldives is also home to the charismatic whale shark and manta ray. Released in early December, Scubazoo’s latest coffee table book: Maldives – The Underwater Kingdom captures the wonder of the Maldivian underwater world  — a world that needs protecting, to ensure our aquatic treasures are preserved for future generations. The book is 268 pages long and includes a DVD insert which closely follows the book.

‘If you have dived the Maldives you’ll want this book, and if you haven’t, it will make you want to get there as quickly as possible.’ – Tim Ecott, Author – Neutral Buoyancy


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