Scubazoo Images




Fixing in Borneo & Assistant Cameraman in Indonesia

Project Dolphin

Assistant Cameraman & Safety Diver

Our Oceans

Assistant Cameraman & Safety Diver


Assistant Cameraman & Safety Diver

Secret World of Sound

Fixing & Underwater Assistant Cameraman & Safety Diver

Spy In The Wild

Fixing & Underwater Filming

Steve Backshall's Deadly 60

Fixing & Underwater Filming

Apple TV Screensavers

Fixing & Underwater Filming

Top Gear series 27

Fixing & Underwater Filming

Earth's Paradise Isles

Fixing / Underwater Filming

Hostile Planet

Fixing & Underwater Filming


Underwater Cinematography

Blue Planet 2

Fixing & Location Management

Ninja Sharks

Topside & Underwater Filming

"Freddie Flintoff Goes Wild" Borneo

Fixing & Location Management

Man vs. Wild

Fixing & Location Management

Blue Planet 2
Life (BBC)
Nick Baker's Weird Creatures
Underwater Cinematography
Perfect Predators
Great Ocean Adventures
The Really Wild Show
Killer Shark Live
Jeff Corwin
Blue Planet 2
Samsung – Over the Horizon 2019
Globo TV – Bajau Sea Gypsies
BBC Equator From The Air
OCEAN (in production)

BBC’s Natural History Unit, which made Blue Planet, is returning to the oceans for a major seven-part series to be broadcast in 2017 – Ocean: New Frontiers.

Body Hack with Todd Sampson

6 x 1hr documentary series

Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature


Conquest of the Skies 3D

David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies 3D is a British natural history television series tracking the evolution of flight in animals. Attenborough analyses gliding reptiles, parachuting mammals, acrobatic insects and the world of birds.

Malaysia From Below

Malaysia From Below, produced by National Geographic Channel Asia in association with Scubazoo, won ‘Best Natural History or Wildlife Programme’ at the 2013 Asian Television Awards.

Amazon of the East

The people based series ‘Amazon of the East’ will be out this summer in Europe, followed later in the year by the natural history version on National Geographic. Watch this space for screening times over the course of the next few months.

Super Shark Encyclopedia

Scubazoo has shot and supplied a large selection of images for Dorling Kindersley’s new Super Shark Encyclopedia.


Scubazoo DOP Simon Enderby headed over to Monterey Bay to film TV Naturalist and good friend, Steve Backshall. From kelp bed with hunting seals to open ocean bait balls with foraging dolphins and whales to midnight escapades filming schooling squid Simon and Steve were always found in the thick of it.


Working with 360 Degrees Founder Sally Ingleton Scubazoo’s DOP Simon Enderby filmed both above and below the waves in PNG covering the incredible expeditionary research work carried out by a team of dedicated scientist from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) looking into the catastrophic results of Ocean Acidification.

Wonders of Life

Scubazoo filmed world-renowned particle physicist Dr. Brian Cox in Palau’s jellyfish lake for the BBC’s Science department’s ‘Wonders of Life’ series. Following on from the successful ‘Wonders of the Solar System’ and ‘Wonders of the Universe’ the series will be broadcast in late 2012.

Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls

Stranded on deserted islands off Malaysia’s coast Bear Grylls fights dense jungle, scales towering escarpments, struggles to find freshwater and traps a wild boar. Scubazoo were local fixers, providing location management services and underwater filming.

What Our Clients Say

Scubazoo’s experience and creativity gave Samsung a great deal of insight into the marine world and their professionalism and hands on friendly approach not only resulted in a successful project but also a joy to work on the project together.
Josh Joongsam Yun
Sound director, Samsung
Another great experience with Scubazoo as location fixers and underwater camera. A sensitive subject was dealt with with huge patience and incredible support for the British crew. The logistics were well organised, the boat drivers fantastic and the underwater sequences a massive achievement.
Ben Wallis
Director, Edge of Existence (Tigress)
Scubazoo are a pleasure to make films with – creative, cooperative, cost effective – they know their territory exceedingly well and deliver what they promise.
JP Davidson
Director, Last Chance to See (BBC Wales)
Scubazoo managed a complex shoot with many different aspects in a variety of difficult locations ranging from Caves to Jungles, some of which where potentially hazardous. They managed each task professionally and were flexible to meet the changing needs of the production at short notice. They were able to source experts in various fields who, in each case, were dependable and a joy to work with.
James Brickell
Director, Deadly60 (BBC Natural History Unit)
Trying to Capture the humpback whale ‘heatrun’ was the scariest proposition I’ve ever faced as a producer. Simon, Roger and Jason delivered the impossible.
Ted Oakes
Producer, LIFE (BBC Natural History Unit)
InFocus-Asia 1

With the challenge of Producing over twenty hours a year for Nat Geo and Discovery Channel – if IFA goes anywhere near water we call Scubazoo right away. Their images have always provided blue chip underwater value for money, shots that really make a difference.

Natural History Unfolds

I came across one of the many Scubazoo’s superb productions on YouTube one day. What surprises me the most is their willingness to make these high quality, wildlife and nature series on Borneo’s biodiversity accessible to viewers from all around the world at no cost. I can’t say I have encountered many wildlife film production companies that does that. Scubazoo will always be our key partner in providing quality educational materials to inspire the less privileged across the world.

Dorling Kindersley Publishers 2

Scubazoo have consistently been excellent collaborators with us on various books and DVDs. Their work is extremely professional and creative, and they have always been constructive and helpful, using their experience and contacts to make the best possible product for our budget. Their passion and commitment are total, and I get the impression they’ll always go the extra mile to make something as good as it can conceivably be. In addition to all that, they are great fun to work with.

Scubazoo’s footage was so superior in quality and variety to what we had managed in previous years and I would have no hesitation in using them again for future projects, whether in Asia or further afield. Our production’s logistics were very complex and I could rely on the Scubazoo guys to pitch in with the rest of the crew and think on their feet when gaps appeared in the camera plan. I am usually very reluctant to recommend camera operators but Scubazoo have joined the list of people that I would happily put forward to friends and colleagues.