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Stock footage – Filming trip to Palau Jellyfish lake

Watch HD video from Palau’s famous jellyfish lake where you can snorkel amongst thousands of harmless jellyfish!

Stock Footage Sales – Footage licensed for Malaysia Tourism Campaign

Scubazoo’s underwater stock footage has been licensed for Tourism Malaysia’s new ‘Visit Malaysia 2014’ campaign. Watch the video here.

Ogilvy & Mather Advertising for Bite Back

An international advertising, marketing and public relations agency founded in 1948 – Ogilvy & Mather Advertising have produced an anti-shark-finning campaign video. Scubazoo donated their graphic and powerful shark finning footage to enhance this important project.

NTR – School TV

Our weird and wonderful Mola mola footage was licensed for this weekly, educational tv-show for school children in the Netherlands.

Over the Top! – Fuji Network

Over the Top! (Bucchigiri) for the Fuji Network licensed our incredible Boxfish vs Scorpionfish sequence which sees a boxfish coming out on top!

Restoration Gulf Coast – Florida’s Sea Turtles

Run Riot Films are renowned for creating inspiring and innovative stories through films. They licensed our extremely creative Turtle Exclusion Device (TED) stock footage in their recent Restoration Gulf Coast – Florida’s Sea Turtles film.

Animal Superpowers: Extreme Hunters – Nat Geo Wild

This episode focusses upon the elusive Hammerhead Sharks and uses our rare and unique schooling hammerhead stock footage to bring these enigmatic hunters to life!

Inside Nature’s Giants – Windfall Films

The award winning series that gets under the skin of the largest animals on the planet has come to Borneo. Scubazoo location managed and supplied stock footage for this jungle special.

NOAA – Science On a Sphere

SOS is an animated 6″ high globe that projects images and footage as an educational tool to illustrate the environmental processes of the Earth. Scubazoo has supplied a quarter of the footage for the Marine Ecosystems and Fisheries film. Science on a Sphere will be shown in the Aquarium of the Pacific and 76 other […]

Kiseki Taiken Unbelievable – Fuji TV

Fuji TV’s Kiseki Taiken Unbelievable (‘Kiseki’ meaning ‘miracle’ and ‘taiken’ meaning ‘experience’) has been running since 1997 and is one of Japan’s most popular TV shows. Hosted by the famous Japanese director and comedian Beat Takeshi, the weekly show features amazing, shocking and cute videos from around the world. In a recent episode, Scubazoo’s stock footage library provided […]