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Underwater Filming – David Attenborough’s Life Story

Scubazoo cameraman Roger Munns filmed a mating turtle sequence for the BBC series ‘Life Story’, narrated by David Attenborough.

Awards – Scubazoo win Emmy for Best Cinematography

Scubazoo cameraman Roger Munns was awarded an Emmy as part of the cinematography team which worked on the BBC and NatGeo production ‘One Life’

Filming – Wild Sri Lanka

Scubazoo cameraman Roger Munns, assisted by Christian Loader, was the principal underwater cameraman on Wild Sri Lanka – Ocean of Giants

How to become a successful Underwater Cameraman

There is no accredited course to take, no well-defined career path, so here are some tips on how to make a living as an underwater cameraman…

Fishermen hand-feeding whale sharks in Tan-awan, Oslob, Philippines

In February Jason Isley and Roger Munns visited Tan-awan to observe and document local fishermen hand-feeding whalesharks

Rescued pygmy killer whale released into the wild

Watch a video and read about the rescue and release of ‘Tony’ – a female pygmy killer whale found beached on Tanjung Aru beach in January 2012.

Filming and Photographing Blue Whales

Scubazoo have recently been filming and photographing blue whales in Sri Lanka. Read about the shoot and see photos and video

Human Planet: Oceans – Into the Blue

Oceans: Into The Blue explores the extraordinary adaptability and ingenuity that enables humans to survive in the marine environment, combined with the profound effect living by the sea has had on our cultures.

Martin Clunes – Man to Manta

Martin Clunes seeks to fulfil a burning ambition to swim with one of the sea’s most enormous and enigmatic creatures in ITV1’s new documentary ‘Man to Manta’.

Filming and photography trip to Maliau Basin

As part of the production of an educational film about a new Ramsar site on the East coast of Sabah, Scubazoo cameraman Roger Munns and Scubazoo photographer Jason Isley traveled to Maliau Basin – Sabah’s lost world – to film and photograph the environment and wildlife.