Filming and Photographing Blue Whales

Blue Whales are the biggest animal ever to have lived on our planet. They can grow up to 33m long, weigh over 180 tonnes and have a heart the size of a car. Their newly born calves are heavier than a full grown elephant and grow at a rate of 90kgs per day. They are the most iconic species in our oceans and Scubazoo have recently been filming and photographing them in Sri Lanka. Read more about the shoot and see photos and videos of blue whales in Scubazoo’s blog.

Bear Grylls in Borneo

Bear Grylls was recently in Borneo to shoot back-to-back episodes of his hit series Man vs Wild. In Malaysian Archipelago Bear fights dense jungle, scales towering escarpments, struggles to find freshwater and traps a wild boar. In Borneo Jungle Grylls descends drenched cliffs, battles snakes and becomes dinner for leeches. Man vs Wild production company Diverse Television chose Scubazoo to handle location management for both shoots and to film Bear freediving to hunt for a lobster underwater. Man vs Wild is Discovery’s second most popular show, reaching over 1.2 billion homes around the world. Watch a selection of clips from both episodes below:

Human Planet: Oceans – Into the Blue

Humans are the only animals that have managed to adapt to life in every habitat on Earth. From oceans to jungles, the poles to the deserts, Human Planet explores man’s incredible ability to survive in the most extreme environments.

Three years in the making, the series travels to the far-flung corners of the globe – the team visited more than 70 filming locations – to bring the most diverse, original and, in some cases, never-before-seen stories of human endeavour to BBC One.

Scubazoo provided location management services and underwater filming for Human Planet – Oceans: Into the Blue which was broadcast on BBC1 HD at 8pm on Thursday 13th January. The programme pulled in over six million viewers Read more about the episode and shoot here.

The series is narrated by John Hurt and features original music by world-renowned composer Nitin Sawhney.

Martin Clunes – Man to Manta on ITV1

Martin Clunes seeks to fulfil a burning ambition to swim with one of the sea’s most enormous and enigmatic creatures in ITV1’s new documentary Man to Manta which UK viewers can watch on ITV1 at 9pm on Thursday 6th January.

“There’s just one creature in the ocean which I’ve always truly wanted to see. The mysterious, magical and elusive manta ray,” Martin explains. “I’ve been told that hundreds of manta rays gather to feed in a remote corner of the Indian Ocean, and I was desperate to be there to experience it.”

Man to Manta takes the viewer on a journey around the world from Ecuador to Sri Lanka, Atlanta to the Maldives as Martin learns about these enigmatic ocean dwellers and finally realises his dream to swim with one in the wild.

Maldives underwater footage was shot by Scubazoo underwater cameraman Roger Munns.

Ashes and Snow in Sabah

Gregory Colbert and his ‘Ashes and Snow’ team were recently in Sabah to film and photograph at Sipadan. Scubazoo were local fixers for the project which has been seen by over 10 million people worldwide at the Nomadic Museum.

Read more about the shoot in Scubazoo’s blog

Wildscreen Film Festival 2010

Scubazoo are sponsoring this years Wildscreen wildlife and environmental Film Festival held in Bristol from Oct 10-14th. (more…)

‘LIFE’ wins Outstanding Cinematography Emmy

Congratulations from everyone at Scubazoo to the LIFE camera team for their recent Emmy award for Outstanding Cinematography for Nonfiction Programming.


Science Faction

Scubazoo are proud to now be working with the global leader in rights-managed science and technology imagery, Science Faction. Representing a selection of Scubazoo’s photos through their picture library, Science Faction will make the images available to their broad client base and network of distributors around the world.


ITV – The parent trip

Brand new to ITV2, The Parent Trip follows three celebrities as they each journey into the unknown with the people who know them best – their mums and dads. Scubazoo acted as local fixers and location managers for the Borneo episode, which features British actor Will Mellor, and his father Bill.


Nauticam D700 underwater housing review

Jason Isley is fresh back from a four week long photography trip to the Maldives. While taking pictures for Scubazoo’s forthcoming book Maldives – The Underwater Kingdom, Jason had the opportunity to try out the new Nauticam D700 underwater housing. He put it through its paces over the course of 80 dives in often tricky conditions. What did he think? Find out here.