Business of Sport

CNBC Asia: Scubazoo was featured recently in a Business of Sport segment on the weekly CNBC Asia TV programme World Business. If you missed it on satellite you can watch the show below.


Dicing with death while diving

Grab a copy of Metro on Monday 8th December to read about Scubazoo Cameraman Simon Enderby’s top five most dangerous dives. Sharks and an unlikely dive with a crocodile in Sipadan, Malaysia are featured in the article plus a couple of marine creatures that you might not expect to see in the top five… click here to see the article online.

Brunei Rapid Marine Assesment

In October 2008 Scubazoo were contracted by the Brunei Fisheries Department to document a Rapid Marine Survey of Brunei’s Coral, Fish and Sea Shell bio-diversity.


Deadly 60 – BBC NHU

Deadly 60 host Steve Backshall comes face to face with several deadly shark species in the Bahamas. Scubazoo filmed the underwater encounters with the lemon shark, tiger shark, and the Caribbean reef shark.

The End of the Line

Scubazoo were recently involved in filming for ‘The End of the Line’ – a theatrical release about the devastating effects of overfishing.


Scuba Diver Australasia Cover Shot

Kudos to Adam Broadbent this month as his colour saturated blenny gets the honour of the Scuba diver Australasia cover.


All About Dung

Its a dirty job but somebody’s go to do it…. in March, ICON wrapped shooting on ALL ABOUT DUNG here in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Scubazoo were employed as location managers on the shoot which got presenter Monty Halls up close and personal with excrement of all kinds.


Jo Sarsby Personal management representing Scubazoo

Scubazoo are proud to announce that we have joined forces with Jo Sarsby personal management.


The Amazing World Of Scubazoo

The Sabah Times has recently published a commentary about Scubazoo and the team behind the company’s operations. What with Scubazoo’s success with both ‘Great Ocean Adventures’ and the latest BBC series, as well as new publication work for Dorling Kindersley’s ‘Reef’, the companies profile is growing within Sabah and throughout the world. Download the article here.

Year of the Turtle – 2006

Since 2005, SCUBAZOO have been directly involved in the Year of the Turtle, launched in Bangkok in March 2006. This huge project aims to increase awareness of the plight of sea turtles throughout Asia.