If you need experienced camera crew who are willing to go the extra yard to make your production a success then you have come to the right place.

Underwater cameramen

Do you need experienced underwater cameramen for your projects? Our renowned underwater cameramen have thousands of hours’ experience in oceans around the world. Scubazoo’s cameramen are available individually or as a team. The scope of our work has included natural history sequences, presenter-led documentaries, theatrical releases, adventure races, reality shows, and many more. We’re well known for our knowledge and passion for marine life, as well as our work ethic. Our three senior cameramen Simon Enderby, Roger Munns and Chris Tan have worked on a range of productions including Life Story (BBC NHU) Human Planet (BBC NHU), Life (BBC NHU), Last Chance to See (BBC Wales), The Amazing Race (AXN),  and End of the Line (Fish film company). For a more in-depth list of credits, take a look at our portfolio or click on the cameraman’s name above to see their personal credit list. Do you want to hire a cameraman? Contact us for rates

Safety divers

Our safety divers are a part of our close knit team and, due to the hours spent working with our cameramen, they are there when you need them and out of shot when you don’t. Most of our safety divers double as cameramen and photographers and therefore understand the needs of the production implicitly. Just as importantly, they are able to get amazing behind-the-scenes footage and photographs for publicity shots or ‘making of’ films. Take a look at some filming photos here and how we filmed the humpback heat run for BBC’s Life – underwater filming by Roger Munns &  Jason Isley. Do you want to hire one of our safety divers? Contact us for rates.