Scubazoo are committed to helping the environment through building awareness of the threats to our oceans and marine life. Through dramatic, inspirational, and sometimes disturbing images we hope that people will come to care more about our planet and think about the consequences of their action or inaction.

The protection and conservation of our Oceans will always be a driving force in everything Scubazoo do and wherever possible Scubazoo will aim to tell ‘the whole story’ of the marine world.

Browse the viewer below to take a look at a small selection of the Conservation Films that Scubazoo have been involved in producing over the years.

Other Contributions:

  • We give educational talks to schools, companies, and other organisations
  • We produce environmental educational films for Governmental organisations, charities and NGO’s such as WWF, SOS Rhino, ARCBC, IOSEA, SaBC and SEARRP
  • We are responsible divers and never intentionally harm or disturb marine life
  • A percentage of all sales of our coffe table book ‘reef‘ is donated to marine conservation charities. This book is available in 10 different languages and has sold in excess of 150,000 copies worldwide.
  • Our library of conservation footage has been used in countless TV broadcast on channels such as CNN, Animal Planet, Discovery and successful theatrical releases such as Sharkwater and The end of the line. We have published articles on conservation issues in magazines all over the world, utilising our large and ever expanding collection of conservation photos.