Company Director/Senior Cameraman

Roger has been with Scubazoo since landing in Sabah in 2001 and is one of Scubazoo’s senior underwater cameramen. He has over 3000 dives with a camera and has filmed on many broadcast productions, most notably a humpback whale heat-run sequence for Life (BBC NHU), Human Planet (BBC NHU), a mating turtle sequence for the Golden Panda award winning Armoured giants episode of David Attenborough’s Life in cold blood (BBC NHU), Saving Planet Earth (BBC NHU), and Great Ocean Adventures (AP). Roger is equally adept at constructing natural history sequences for ‘blue-chip’ documentaries or filming presenters up close and personal with marine life. While based in the tropical island of Borneo Roger is comfortable filming in many different environments from the near-freezing waters of the Antarctic to the rough, temperate seas of the South African coast. Roger also directs and produces corporate DVD’s for Scubazoo. He has delivered products for diverse clients such as WWF, Dorling Kindersley, and Four Seasons hotels and resorts.

An accomplished underwater photographer, Roger’s images and articles have appeared in many publications around the world as well as in Scubazoo’s coffee table books: Sabah’s underwater treasure and reef.

His knowledge of marine life and passion for the underwater world make Roger a popular choice for onscreen documentary roles.

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