Cara Morrison

Stock Footage Library Manager

Cara graduated from Swansea University with BScEcon (Hons) in Anthropology. She then returned to London and worked for a few years in roles ranging from marketing to background actor work. It was after spending time working as a field analyst in the Amazon with Biosphere that she made the decision to move into a career in the natural world.

She left London for Oxford Scientific Films where she worked in the Stock Footage Library as part of the creative team for a number of years. During this time It was always the underwater footage that captured her imagination and was the most enjoyable to work with.

After meeting Scubazoo’s CEO Simon Christopher on a rainy afternoon in Bristol, she accepted the challenge and opportunity to set up Scubazoo’s Stock Footage Library.

Cara became a certified diver at 17 and since arriving in Sabah has qualified as a PADI Dive Master and is loving it…. apart from the seasickness!

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