Scubazoo’s commitment to taking the best possible images whatever the conditions has led us inexorably towards our current partnership with Gates housings.  Gates camera housings are extremely tough, and durable, and when combined with Fathom ports such as the SWP44C the optics are simply breathtaking. In the very unlikely case that something does go wrong we’re safe in the knowledge that Gates after sales service is second-to-none.

For over 35 years Gates has designed and manufactured the most durable and dependable underwater housings in the world. Commercial divers, marine researchers, professional videographers, salvage operators, military divers, film and TV producers, and recreational divers turn to Gates for the same reason: their “bulletproof” housings produce results 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Scubazoo Don’t Take a Chance…. We Take a GATES

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