Dive Rite is the pioneering creator of technical SCUBA diving equipment for advanced, wreck and cave diving. Their Catalog is vast, ranging from backplates, harnesses and wings (BCDs) to regulators, lights, drysuits and the O2ptima rebreather.

Scubazoo rely on Dive Rite harnesses, wings and regulators in extreme conditions where failure is not an option. Having such a reliable and reputable equipment manufacturer as one of our partners means we can focus on underwater filming and photography, safe in the knowledge that we are wearing the best SCUBA equipment on the market today.

Dive Rite Ambassadors are a select group of dive enthusiasts who, through their work or explorations, epitomize the Dive Rite ethics of excellence, innovation, determination and professionalism. As part of the prestigous Dive Rite Ambassador programme Scubazoo have a dedicated page on Dive Rite’s website. In turn for the fantastic equipment we receive, Scubazoo supply Dive Rite with inspirational articles coupled with aspirational images from the worlds oceans.

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