Turtles Of Borneo

Turtles of Borneo and Peninsular MalaysiaTurtles Of Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia by Lim Boo Liat and Indraneil Das

The Turtles of Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia provides an account of the turtles, tortoises and terrapins of a tropical region known for its rich biodiversity. In all, 25 species are described and illustrated, including two exotics that are now established. All marine, terrestrial and freshwater species have been covered. The introductory chapters include a general introduction to these reptiles and an identification key to the turtles of the region.

For each species, there is a section on identification, including descriptions of males, females and juveniles, the meaning of the current scientific name, its global and local distribution, notes on natural history (including behaviour, habitats used, diet and reproduction), and conservation status. A glossary of technical terms is also given.