Life In The Wild

cover_200A glorious celebration of animal life and the art of wildlife photography. From the exquisite fragility of a butterfly to the might and majesty of a humpback whale, explore the extraordinary diversity of life in the wild in this lavishly illustrated photographic portrait of the animal kingdom.

Life in the Wild gives a fascinating insight into both animal diversity and wildlife photography. Packed with awe-inspiring images taken by some of the world’s top wildlife photographers, Life in the Wild presents hundreds of fascinating species pictured in their natural environments.

Each image glows with colour and depicts every detail of texture, from the scales of a butterfly’s wing to the cracks in the hide of a rhinoceros, drawing you in to the animal’s world in a way that no description, explanation, or diagram can. With chapters on mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and invertebrates this is an all-encompassing guide to the wonders of the natural world.

Life in the Wild features the work of Thomas Marent who has devoted his life to capturing the beauty of the natural world, and the acclaimed team of dynamic underwater cameramen, SCUBAZOO, who have filmed for the BBC, National Geographic and Animal Planet.