Great Ocean Adventures

untitledThe filming of the television series Great Ocean Adventures was an extremely ambitious undertaking, taking a crew of five with a shoestring budget on a complete circumnavigation of the globe, seeking out encounters with the mysterious giant animals of the world’s oceans. The team encountered killer whales, giant octopus, ferocious Humboldt squid, beluga whales, thresher sharks, ocean sunfish, humpback whales, and basking sharks. During the course of their extraordinary journey, they were perpetually tired, frequently frightened, occasionally ill, and often foul smelling.

Nonetheless, the resultant series offered a glimpse into a world far off the beaten track, and was aired on Channel 5 in Spring 2007 to tremendous reviews. This book tells the story behind the filming of “Great Ocean Adventures”, (to reveal the reality of a film crew on the road, and the cast of characters and places they encountered on their remarkable journey.) It is illustrated throughout by stunning images from the Scubazoo cameramen in the team, and other award-winning photographers, several of whom accompanied the team at various stages of the journey.

Book Review

It’s all a glorious reaffirmation of all that we enjoy about diving, the characters we meet, the friends we make and, of course, the astonishing creatures that share top billing with Monty himself – humpback whales, spinner dolphins and killer whales swim through these pages, all illustrated with superior underwater photography. The author is at his best when describing personal embarrassments with a relish that borders on the masochistic. The chaos of underwater documentary making is shown in a brutally honest light that will leave the reader laughing long after the book is closed. (read more)