Go Surf

The fast track to great surfing.

Read it, watch it, do it with this innovative book and 30-minute DVD for anyone itching to get up off the sofa and go!

Clear step-by-step coaching and inspirational photography in the book will get you started or improve your skills.

Master techniques with your own virtual coach – from the take-off to the barrel, the 30-minute DVD uses 360-degree live-action freeze-frame graphics and slow-motion sequences guaranteed to get you ready for the waves in no time.

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Book Review

Amazon User: D. Brady

Great pictures and explains a few things that other beginners books don’t, such as how the line up works and good practical advice on where to paddle out and how to observe the swell. Very readable and covers all aspects of surfing in moderate detail. … I liked it so much that I am, about to order a second copy for a friend. (link)

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